Site-specific VR installation
The Cyprus Pavilion
17. international architecture exhibition
La Biennale di Venezia

22.06 - 21.11.21

‘Desire Lines’ is a site-specific VR installation in which elements from mnemonic techniques (dating back to Renaissance times and involving esoteric ‘walking throughs’), technopaganism, and experimental psychology studies (such as 'The Doorway Effect’) are being referenced. Ecclesiastical and colonial architectural semiotics, often inscribed in Cypriot building facade features are also present. Temporal walls and metal studs widely used in building constructions of domestic and social spaces are virtually exposed in an attempt to deconstruct and amalgamate the private, the public space, the man-made and the sociopolitical one into a syncretic sanctuary.

In collaboration with Dakis Panayiotou.
Curated by Era Savvides, Nasios Varnavas(urban radicals), Marina Christodoulidou, Evagoras Vanezi.