Site-specific VR installation
ZKM, Karlsruhe

08.07 – 08.11.2021

Taking ZKM as a site of inquiry, Theodoulos Polyviou's and Eleni Diana Elia's VR site-specific installation becomes a place where ritual, ideology and architecture are shifted to reflect the non-religious, the sexual, and the everyday in conversation with the ideological architecture of the museum itself.

The symbolic and material boundaries of the museum are being renegotiated inviting viewers to find new ways to compromise within these reconfigured spaces. The silmultaneous use of the pair of headsets allows users to encounter each other and engage in body-less drifting challenging notions of presence and embodiment.

Others may experience the work not through the VR headsets but through the intimacy and voyeurism of watching the visitors in the first group experiencing the virtual world. The floorplan which is vinyl print on the ground, it indicates the boundaries of the space seen in the VR world.

In collaboration with Eleni Diana Elia
Sound Design: Andreas Yakovlev Michaelides

You can visit the exhibition online here: